Izabella's Ultimate Style Guide for Mom Jeans

So maybe you think you are late to the mom jeans party? No worries you are not. Mom jeans have been around for ages and there were really very few years where they were not considered a staple in the complete wardrobe. They are often referred to as boyfriend jeans or high-waisted jeans.

You can wear them to the office or to the grocery or on date night and they will always do well with a nicely put-together ensemble. There are distressed mom jeans and black mom jeans and cuffed mom jeans and high-waisted mom jeans and ripped mom jeans and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


What are mom jeans?

Mom jeans in general have a high waist and a long zipper front. They put the emphasis on your backside and take the spotlight off your waist. They can be button-fly too but normally you’ll find them zipped. And remember, mom jeans rise to your waist and so they are perfect for a lot of body types.

How are mom jeans supposed to fit?

They usually have a loose fit around the legs. Some women like them boot cut and some like them straight leg. They are never skinny or stretch. They are often long and just as often ripped at the bottom of the leg. Mom jeans come in vintage blue denim but of late they are also sold in a variety of blues and black. Black mom jeans, in fact, are a hot trend this year.

How do you style mom jeans?

‘’What do I wear with my mom jeans?’’ is an often-asked question. But really you have so many choices and many are probably already in your closet. Some say a well-styled pair of mom jeans will look a bit French in a way that is casual but very trendy. They go great with a loose casual blouse, knit top or nice sweater – long or short. Mom jeans always work with a nice jacket. You can wear anything from a fashionable t-shirt underneath to your best white blouse. Every time you’ll look fashionable and great.

What are some trendy looks for mom jeans?
black mom jeans

If we had to pick just one it would be black mom jeans. We’re guessing it has something to do with how easily they are styled but mostly because they look great. They kind of bring together a refined look with a defiant style that can go anyplace. Good with a blouse or tee or leather jacket.

cuffed mom jeans

Not to be forgotten though are cuffed mom jeans. Just as trendy as any other, they look great with heels or short boots or even something like a pair of chucks. They were with a nice blouse, long, pull-over sweater or tee. They can be styled with a tight-fitting top or loose-fitting top depending on your look.

ripped mom jeans

You can create a whole new look from a traditional outfit with a pair of ripped or distressed mom jeans. Dress them up the same way you would any other. Make sure to add a belt. A colorful pullover sweater looks especially great with ripped mom jeans.

What shoes do you wear with mom jeans?

A dressy pair of heels looks good with the right blouse. Chelsea or short boots work very well. It actually is hard to go wrong if you find the right shoe for your look. They are jeans and you can wear them how you want and where you want. The great thing about mom jeans is that they are adaptable.

Having problems deciding what direction to go in? We have an entire collection of mom jeans waiting just for you.

Where can I buy mom jeans?

You can look in the usual places online - Zara, H&M, Levi's, and American Eagle. But if you want something more unique our brands and designers might have what you are looking for. We've assembled a huge collection of mom jeans just for you.

Want a little more help? Below are some of my favorite mom jeans and a blouse to go with them:
high waist boyfriend jeans
These high-waist boyfriend jeans come in multiple shades of blue. They are full-length too so they can be cuffed. I like their look and especially their fit.
distressed mom jeans
And these mom jeans are nearly perfect. A little distressed and they roll at the bottom. Love the vintage color too.
v-neck blouse for mom jeans
Finally, this v-neck blouse would look classy with either pair. And what a great price!

I hope this helped you and your style is fabulous.