Conversion Charts: What size are you really?

Do you have a size conversion chart for shoes? Do you have a size conversion chart for jeans? What size pants do I wear? Can we really rely on clothing sizes? Do you have a size conversion chart for blouses? Or ski boots? This list of such questions is endless. It's no secret that not every size 8 is made alike. A size 8 in the US is a far different size than one in the UK or one in Japan.
And clothing manufacturers are often not much help. They can vary their sizes to the point where there is no guaranteed fit anywhere. Buying clothes should not be this hard.

I tend to know what sizes in a particular brand will fit me and will often order those sizes from those brands. But I always use a service like Klarna where I am protected from a bad fit and bad retailer at the same time.
Below are size charts that I have come to trust. They convert clothing sizes and shoe sizes between nations and I find them a reliable guide when I am looking at products here at Jenny Brook and all over the web.

Our conversion chart for women's clothing.
Our conversion chart for women's shoes.
Since you are here and thinking about clothing sizes, I have a great tip for you. Our dresses, mom jeans, and spring tops and shorts all feature the newest fashions we have and many are marked way down - some as much as 25 percent off.
Enjoy your shopping and best of luck with getting your size right. Don't forget that here at Jenny Brook we feature PayPal - which takes the worry out of shopping online for clothes and pretty much anything else.