5 Stylish Bikinis Trending for Summer 2021

If there is one style that never seems to go out of style it is the bikini. There are probably more varieties than any other type of clothing.

In fact, if you name just the major styles sold it makes for quite a list.

  • Tankini tops
  • Bandeau bikini tops
  • Triangle bikini tops
  • Halter neck bikini tops
  • Underwire bikini tops
  • Push up bikini tops
  • High neck bikini tops
  • Crop top bikini tops
  • Regular bikini bottoms
  • Hipster bikini bottoms
  • Cheeky bikini bottoms
  • Tie side bikini bottoms
  • High waist bikini bottoms
  • High leg bikini bottoms
  • Fold over bikini bottoms

You, see? I’m pretty sure there must be something left out. But the good news about this is, if you’re wondering what bikini suits your shape there are plenty of options for finding your perfect match. Sexy, glamourous, or sporty, there’s a bikini that suits you.

Bright beach suits and floral prints are the most popular on the beaches of Europe while floral prints and pastels are what women are buying in the states and Australia.

I would not worry so much about your body type. Find the bikini that makes you feel comfortable. Show as much or as little skin as you want. It’s your body and your leisure time. Do what you want and enjoy.

Shop for what you want, ladies. You’ll definitely make a splash with the bikini styles we have in 2021. Below are five of the trendiest styles right now. I love them all but we have dozens more in our bikini collection for you to choose from.

Whether it’s for beach, boat, ship, or pool. Enjoy your new bikini.

Oh, and PS: Don't forget your flip flops.